Churches Together need volunteers for the Passion Play 2018

Come and be part of the actionEpsom Passion Play

This hugely popular drama is entirely dependent on a team of volunteers from local churches so please use the following contact details if you are interested:

Frequent Asked Questions

When is Good Friday 2018?

It is Friday 30 March.

I cannot act… is there still some way I can contribute?

Yes! We need stewards, people to help set up the staging, prayer, encouraging other people to come and, above all, your support as part of the procession on Good Friday.

When are the rehearsals?

There will be a full schedule of rehearsals published in late December. These are likely to be on Monday evenings (from 8.00) at Christ Church, Epsom and will include the weekend prior to Good Friday for Dress and Technical rehearsals.

We will plan the schedule with people’s availability in mind. Please contact one of the above for details of the rehearsals.

Isn’t there already an established cast – why do you want more people?

We have been blessed by many committed individuals who have supported this important witness over the last five years. However, we are always looking for more people to get involved.

Do I need to provide my own costume?

No – costumes and props are provided.

Why don’t we hold a silent procession like we used to?

The point of the Passion Play is to make a real impact in our community, a huge act of witness by hundreds of local Christians to remind people what the Easter story is all about.

We encourage all the participants to mark their own devotions at services in local churches afterwards.

Why do you include the Resurrection when it’s only Good Friday?

Should we not be focused on the crucifixion?

Again, we are staging the Epsom Passion Play to remind our local community about the real message of Easter and felt that we needed to capture the whole story and its message of hope, Christ’s love as well His sacrifice.

Do I have to be able to sing?

No – we have singers (and musicians) to lead the music and we turn off the cast microphones during the communal singing at the end of the Passion Play.

Who runs this?

The Epsom Passion Play is ecumenical, organised by Churches Together in Epsom. CTiE

Do not churches in Ewell play a part?

Yes, they do and we’re very grateful for all their support (especially the Prayer Tent).

ALL are welcome to be part of the Drama see the list above, even the Crowd!

Please see the review and photos from the 2017 event.