Reverend Michael RoperFather Michael, priest in charge at St Barnabas

Father Michael is the Priest-in-Charge at St Barnabas.

Born and brought up in North Carolina, Fr. Michael came to Britain in 1996 to do voluntary wok in London’s East End. Through one of the projects, he was encouraged to train for ordination in this country. He studied at the College of the Resurrection in West Yorkshire and was ordained in 2003 in Southwark Cathedral. He served as Priest-in-Charge for nine years in Egham Hythe before moving to St. Barnabas. Fr. Michael is a trustee of OneBodyOneFaith and Inclusive Church. He is passionate about including everyone in the life of the Church and giving a warm welcome to those who visit St Barnabas, as well as trying to make the Good News of Christ accessible for all.

Church Wardens

Sarah Ford

Helen Dyke

Deputy Church Wardens

Kathy Appleyard

Wendy Hurst

Frank Sinnock

Church Office

Ruth Mey

Hilary Batt

Deanery Synod: Vacant

Child Protection: Sarah Ford

Electoral Officer: Anne Baxter     

Parish Treasurer: PJ Jansen    

PCC: Father Michael Roper (Chairman), Kathy Appleyard, Hilary Batt  Helen Dyke, Sarah Ford, Wendy Hurst, PJ Jansen, Craig Mey, Ruth Mey, Frank Sinnock.

Fundraising Committee: Father Michael Roper, Ruth Mey, Kathy Appleyard, Janice Pond

Stewardship Rep: Isobel Johnson     

Sunday School: Helen Dyke

Webmaster: Janice Pond