We currently have a vacancy at the moment. When there is no member of the Clergy in charge, legal responsibility during this time falls to the Churchwardens and the Area Dean who have responsibility for the Parish.

Church Wardens

Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford, Churchwarden 

Helen Dyke

Helen Dyke, Churchwarden

Deputy Church Wardens

Kathy Appleyard

Wendy Hurst

Frank Sinnock

Church Office

Ruth Mey

Hilary Batt

Deanery Synod: Sarah Ford

Safeguarding for Children and Vulnerable Adults: Sarah Ford

Electoral Officer: vacant     

Parish Treasurer: PJ Jansen    

PCC: Sarah Ford and Helen Dyke (Vice Chair), Kathy Appleyard, Hilary Batt, Wendy Hurst, PJ Jansen, Craig Mey, Ruth Mey, Frank Sinnock.

The PCC is supported in its work by the following Committees:

  • Building Maintenance Committee: Helen Dyke, Sarah Ford, Ivan Hurst, Graham Lawrence, Ruth Mey, Frank Sinnock.
  • Fundraising Committee: Sarah Ford, Helen Dyke, Ruth Mey, Kathy Appleyard, Janice Pond.

Stewardship Rep: Isobel Johnson     

Webmaster: Janice Pond