Welcome to our website!St Barnabas Congreation on Sunday 13 August 2017

"We are a Church of England parish located in the northern part of Epsom that has, historically, been the less affluent part of the town. The community and our congregation are varied and diverse, reflecting different backgrounds and bringing a wealth of different experiences of life and living out the Christian faith. Above all, we want to make God’s love a living reality for all people. We are deeply committed to social justice and are a welcoming, inclusive church that makes space for everyone.

Our services are relaxed and friendly, open to all. On Sundays, we worship “in the round” in traditional and experimental ways, gathered around God’s table to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Through it we are fed so that we can live out our daily lives helping build God’s kingdom, bringing his light, love, and peace to a troubled world that so desperately needs it. So, if you are a fellow traveller, seeker, committed Christian, or just curious; do join us on a Sunday morning and find out what we are all about. You’ll find a warm welcome, a supportive community of faith, and a small church with a big heart!"


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St Barnabas Church
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